Parish Council

The Parish Council meets the fourth Monday of each month. All parishioners are welcome to attend.  Parishioners wishing to address the Council should contact the Chair two weeks in advance. St. Michael has seven standing committees: Administration, Finance, Formation, Justice & Charity, Parish Life, Stewardship and Worship. The chairperson of each standing committee has a seat on the Parish Council. All parish organizations are under one of the standing committees.

Council Minutes
Father Dick Sullivan
Fr. Dick Sullivan

Steven Keller
Stephen Keller
Council Chair
Nick Fears
Nick Fears
Vice Chair
Teresa Watson
Tom Marks
Communications Chair
Dennis in blue shirt and tie
Dennis O'Donoghue
Worship Chair
Jason Tretter
Formation Chair
Nancy Hoover 
Justice and Charity Chair
Denise in Blue top
Denise Hampton
Finance Chair
Helen Bryant
Helen Bryant
Parish Life Chair
Bettie Carter
School Advisory Board Chair

At Large Council Members

Paul Manegeot
Trip Weck
Colleen Truman
Stacey Davis
Stacey Davis
Angela Kimbel
Angela Kimbel
Kevin Popp
Lisa in salmon colored shirt
Lisa Willhelmus
Michelle Sileo

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